Iconic Medical Group single-handedly pioneers the PPE industry

29 Aug Iconic Medical Group single-handedly pioneers the PPE industry

Iconic Medical Group has mastered PPE compliance before everyone else. The national company of engineers and medical device manufacturers pioneered personal protection equipment (PPE) at the beginning of April, delivering American-made, FDA registered and compliant devices and items below cost.

“The ability to manufacture high quality products at low prices and millions of units has given Iconic Medical Group the capability of becoming a global player,” says Miguel Sosa, CEO and Founder. “We creatively and collectively converted factories that used to be producing items like tupperware, piping, and water bottling into PPE factories who are able to crank out product and solve the shortages of supply.”

With postal workers and voting site volunteers in mind, Iconic launched its goodwill sale this week, delivering high quality, American-made hand sanitizer priced at $0.99 per 8-ounce bottle (24-pack $23.99) and face shields priced at $1.99 (100-pack $23.99). Iconic Medical Group guarantees superior products, shipped within 7-days from time of purchase.

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